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Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone!

It has been a hectic few months for me, so forgive me for not updating much on this blog. Truth is, it's easier to make updates via Facebook and a lot of customers reach me through FB too. The picture albums there are more organized, so head over there for much easier viewing of my previous work, OK.

Now, I've never mentioned it here, but I can also provide special dietary cakes and cupcakes. So if you're in Penang and looking for something vegan (eggless & dairy-free) or gluten-free (no flour) or sugarless/sugar-free, do shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Deliveries to Penang Island and surrounding areas is still available, but due to rising costs, I'll have to increase the delivery charge. You would understand, right? The fuel, time, energy, not to mention, vehicle maintenance, and the worst of all, traffic jams - they can just zap you dry :)

Hugs & kisses to all my loyal customers. Love you guys lots!

Saturday, September 12, 2009


I made these especially for my iftar date with my friend Zara, a true chocoholic & cuppyholic. Actually, I'm partly lying coz I made these for myself too because I was dying to try out this new moist chocolaty cupcakes recipe. A few of her friends were supposed to join us, but they had to cancel at the last minute. Oh well, more for us then!
This could be our last time to break fast together since she'll be getting married come December and will be moving to the big city. I'll be missing her a lot.  No more makan-makan date :(

Fluffy, moist chocolate cupcake with chocolate & strawberry jam filling (injected with a syringe). Frostings are a mix of strawberry jam buttercream, sinful cream cheese and refreshing peppermint buttercream.

 Manly Mod Mint
Yum yum yum, I can't describe how good this fella tasted! My favourite combination of chocolaty goodness with the cool breezy mint taste. If only I could find some mint chocolate as a topper, then it'd be perfect. For my rushed work, a lousy green smartie would just had to do.

 Journey To The Centre of Earth
If only I took a cross section of this cupcake, then you'd see how it resembles the seismic core of the earth. This sure ain't look so purdy, but this baby spells decadence with a capital D. Make it a double D, delicious decadence. The creamy cheese and tarty-sweet jam works extremely beautiful together. Zara seemed to agree too.  Superb, her testimony is.

*These are the only pics that I got from my camera phone as I accidentally left my camera at my in-laws. I thought I've lost my precious loomeeks coz I don't recall at all when was the last time I've used it! Haiyaa, gotta make ginkgo flavour cupcake lah like this!


  1. kak anne, i lovvvvvvvve mint combined with choc cakes, tapi tak ramai orang suka because they say rasa ubat gigi..hehe. coffee flavoured cuppies pun is to die for..

  2. diana, kan kan? some ppl just balk at the mint taste and i usually 'usik' them that these ppl ni jenis malas gosok gigi! hahaha

    anyway, a true chocoholic would embrace any good choc combo. so whaddya think, should i try choc-chilli next?

  3. kak anne, kat office ni,depan mata i ni ada choc chilli, tak pernah try lagi sebab puasa. nak tapau bawak balik segan la pulak. tapi my colleagues yang makan macam best je..they said takde rasa cili sangat, macam peppery so am not so sure. but why not, u try tapi u makan dulu la.. and then experiment on your friends.hehe..see if it's a go or no go :)


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