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Now, I've never mentioned it here, but I can also provide special dietary cakes and cupcakes. So if you're in Penang and looking for something vegan (eggless & dairy-free) or gluten-free (no flour) or sugarless/sugar-free, do shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Deliveries to Penang Island and surrounding areas is still available, but due to rising costs, I'll have to increase the delivery charge. You would understand, right? The fuel, time, energy, not to mention, vehicle maintenance, and the worst of all, traffic jams - they can just zap you dry :)

Hugs & kisses to all my loyal customers. Love you guys lots!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Cake Flavours

The Basics - Vanilla & Chocolate

Classic Milky Vanilla
Using the best recipe for a vanilla cupcake (as voted by the Cupcake Queen herself). The texture of the cake is soft yet moderately dense (so that you still get a bite of real cake), moderately moist, creamy but still on the fluffy side. Perfectly balanced taste of butter, milk and of course, vanilla. Just nice, just perfect.

What's on the menu?

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla cupcake with blue-tinged vanilla buttercream, a bite of this will make you sigh and dream in pure bliss of Monet paintings and a warm summer days.

Jane Doe
A nameless plain Jane of a vanilla cupcake with pink-tinged buttercream.

Paddle Pop Cupcakes
 Mini vanilla cupcakes frosted with rainbow-hued paddle pop ice-cream colors! A hit with little kiddies

Cookie Crumble Cupcake
One of the best loved kiddy snack in cupcake form. Lots of crushed oreos mixed in the creamy milky batter, yummy vanilla frosting and sprinkled with more crushed oreos. Kids will go gaga over this.  

 Classic  Chocolate
Has the same texture as the classic vanilla, only chocolate flavoured.  Not overly moist, yet not dry. Like I said, just nice. Perfect for those those who are not a fan of overpowering chocolate taste.

What's on the menu?
Meet Joe Black
Prepare for a burst of peanut butter filling when you bite into this cupcake.  Close you eyes and imagine Brad Pitt deliciously licking that spoon of PB. Death by chocolate!


Cookies & Cream
One of the best loved kiddy snack in cupcake form. Lots of crushed oreos mixed in the chocolatey batter, yummy creamy fresh cream frosting and sprinkled with more crushed oreos. Kids will go gaga over this.

Chocolate Mocha
A wonderful variation of the classic moist chocolate cupcake, a combination of bittersweet chocolaty taste that coffee lovers would enjoy.

What's on the menu?
Little Black Dress
The chocolate cupcake is moist, tender, not oily. The recipe calls for coffee granules, contributing to a bittersweet, kinda 'adult' taste to it. Top it off with poured chocolate ganache that will harden, just a bit, resulting in a shiny, glossy finish. Exactly the vision of a classy lady with a string of pearls about her neck.

Fresh Chocolate Mint
Not everybody's favourite choice of chocolate combo, but for those who loves the fresh breezy taste of peppermint, they would swear by this flavour (yours truly included). Subtle, not overpowering, works best with light peppermint buttercream.

What's on the menu?
Macho Mod Mint

Chocolate Mud

I tell ya, this cupcake is wicked. With large amount of butter, eggs and dark chocolate in the recipe, the texture is very rich and dense. For each sinful bite of this cake, you'll have to pray for the Lord's mercy.

What's on the menu?
Mississippi Mud Cupcake

Imagine a hippopotamus sloshing in the muddy Mississippi River (in case you wonder, there are no hippos in the Mississippi River, but I can't help my wild imagination) Served with cream cheese frosting and mini chocolate chips.

Hershey's Perfectly Chocolatey Cupcakes
This chocolate cupcake is extremely moist and has a very rich and strong chocolate aroma. Not overly sweet, the texture is fluffy, almost muffin like, but melts in your mouth as you bite. If you like your cake SUPER moist, this is the best pick.

What's on the menu?
Black-a-berry (credit to Zalin for the name suggestion!)

A deep contrast of the almost obscenely black cupcake and dark chocolate buttercream with a luscious strawberry on top.

Cinta Coffee (credit goes to Miss Cinta Coffee herself)
Moist Mocha Cake with coffee buttercream. I just love the pure coffee aroma in the buttercream, as I used strong coffee to flavour it.


PB & J
The favourite flavour of a typical American kid's cafeteria lunches - Peanut Butter & Jelly. Moist choc cake, peanut butter buttercream & of course, strawberry jelly!


Haffa Jaffa
My own little twist of the Jaffa Cakes that is widely popular in the UK. It's simply a moist choc orange cake with orange buttercream and white chocolate sprinkles.


The Fruity Range

Sweet Strawberry
Has the same texture as the basic vanilla, but with subtle strawberry flavour. No strawberry paste is used, only a dollop of good old strawberry jam (and perhaps with some chopped strawberries as mix-in, optional). Pink colouring/paste for the substantial strawberry look is also optional. Do let the baker know your preference.

What's on the menu?
 Berry Nice

Mary Jane
Plain strawberry cupcake with a strawberry frosting rose swirl

Juicy Vanilla Peach
Again, same texture as the basic vanilla, with the sticky sweetness taste of luscious peach syrup. Works best with chopped peaches.

What's on the menu?  
Peaches 'N Cream
The traditional dessert, an old time favourite. Simply served with whipped cream frosting.

Life's Just Peachy
Peachy cupcake with peaches mix-in, lemony peach flavoured buttercream and topped with a sliver of peach (sadly,  of the canned kind). Do let me know if you want fresh fruits for the topper.

Zesty Lemon
Another fruity favourite. Fresh tangy taste, same texture as the basic vanilla. A good measure of real lemon zest is used. A delectable sweet tangy taste that makes you want to reach for a second one.

What's on the menu?
Lemony Snicket's Cupcakes
Zesty Lemon Cupcake balanced nicely with cheesy creamy buttercream frosting and adorned with colourful sprinkles.

Kiwi Fruit Cupcake 
A burst for your tastebud in this kiwi flavoured cupcake. Sweet, intoxicating and exotic.

What's on the menu?
Aroha Keke (Love Cake)
Kiwi cupcake with added lemon zest for an extra kick, kiwi filling and kiwi flavoured buttercream. Topped with a slice of the exotic fruit.

Blueberry Cupcake
Blueberry flavoured cupcake and creamy blueberry buttercream.

What's on the menu?
Berry Winkle (sorry it looks purplish pink in here!)
Periwinkle, geddit? Oh never mind. Blueberry scented vanilla cupcake with sweet blueberry filling. (or crushed fresh berries, your call). Topped with blueberry buttercream and a smallish little flower for the simplest deco.

Banana Cupcake
A great classic banana cake recipe, using pureed sweet bananas. Finely textured, very bananary.

What's on the menu?

Simple paired with a thin layer and subtle cream cheese and topped with caramelized banana which adds a touch of sweetness.

Rich Coconut
A Malaysian inspired flavour, this cupcake is a class of it's own. Even for non-coconut lover like moi, chances are, you'll still love it's uniqueness. Made with warm coconut milk, fragrant pandan and crunchy coconut shavings, this is a great substitute of the usual Malay kueh.

What's on the menu?
Rich coconut cake with original kaya or pandan kaya flavoured buttercream frosting, piled high with sweet and lemak coconut shavings.


Fancy Flavours

Simply Red  - Red Velvet Cupcake
The Great American classic. A dramatic, vampy red cake that is actually a mild chocolate cake with red coloring. Has moist, tender crumbly texture and taste best with cream cheese frosting.

Spanish Flair - Dulce Le Leche Cupcakes
Sweet caramelized milk in this tender cupcake. Frosted generously with DLL buttercream.

12 Carrot Gold - Carrot cupcake with cream cheese
A traditional favourite with a little modern twist. White chocolate to substitute the usual wrinkly raisins. Sprinkled with cinnamon sweetness for added sugar & spice factor to make it nice!

Princess of Persia 
Inspired by the baklava, not by the gay cowboy - Rosewater and Pistachio Cupcakes. The epitome of fanciness.


  1. ouh...honored giler for the special mention..teehehehe!
    loveeee that dulche le leche cuppy!

  2. lin oi, don't mention it. i did call out for ur help on the name, right? blame it on my brain yg asyik2 'hang' ni. u love the 'leceh' cuppy? selamat mencoba ok, asal tak meletop ur oven dah :)

  3. nak order nak order...jadi gile tgk cupcake yg fingers lickin good ni...how to order?

  4. hi cik anon, boleh email kak anne, email on the sidebar kat blog ataupun guna borang pesanan, kat sidebar jugak. Lain kali tinggalkan jejak ye sayang.


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