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Assalamualaikum & Hello everyone!

It has been a hectic few months for me, so forgive me for not updating much on this blog. Truth is, it's easier to make updates via Facebook and a lot of customers reach me through FB too. The picture albums there are more organized, so head over there for much easier viewing of my previous work, OK.

Now, I've never mentioned it here, but I can also provide special dietary cakes and cupcakes. So if you're in Penang and looking for something vegan (eggless & dairy-free) or gluten-free (no flour) or sugarless/sugar-free, do shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Deliveries to Penang Island and surrounding areas is still available, but due to rising costs, I'll have to increase the delivery charge. You would understand, right? The fuel, time, energy, not to mention, vehicle maintenance, and the worst of all, traffic jams - they can just zap you dry :)

Hugs & kisses to all my loyal customers. Love you guys lots!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


What is Liplickin'! all about?
Well, for start, you can read the About Liplickin'! page.

Is Liplickin'! halal?
I am a Muslimah, operating from my own kitchen and a pet-free, smoke-free home, and using fresh ingredients from a local bakery supplies shop with the halal certification. If that's good enough, then yes, all our cupcakes are halal.

So, if you work from home and not from a bakery, does the kitchen pass the health test?
I disinfect my kitchen on a daily basis, and I wash my hands like I have OCD. I sure don't want people to get sick eating my cupcake!

Do you do personalized cupcakes with themes and all?
Actually, Liplickin'! is passionate about simplicity. Cake decorating in this century has taken on a whole new level, and it is a serious form of art. However, I see this cupcake craze for something too unique and or too over the top, I'm afraid that the classic feel of having just a good cupcake without all the frills might lose it's charm. For now, the main focus is to keep it simple but delicious. That's what setting us apart. In short, I'm bringin' basic back, baby.

However, tell me how you'd like those personalized cupcakes and to be and we'll see how we can work with it to be special and simple at the same time. Any suggestions are welcomed.

What cupcake flavours do you have?
We offer a wide range of cupcake flavours, which you can view at our menu page at the sidebar on the right. You can also customize your own cupcake, starting from the cup size, right up to the sprinkles type. But remember, keep it simple :)

Can I choose mixed flavours?
Of course, but only if you order for S49 and more. Limit to 2 flavours only please.

Do you have normal sized cakes?
YES! Earlier in the biz, my main focus is cupcakes, but I'm open for normal sized specialty cakes now! More cakes and flavour will be added in the menu soon. For fondant cakes, my skill is very limited therefore I quote a very affordable, amateur price.

How long can cupcakes keep?
The cupcakes can keep unrefrigerated up to 4 day, stored in an air tight container. If kept in the fridge, the cupcake can last up to 7 days. Just take it out again to bring it to room temperature, and it will still taste great.

There is a minimum order, so is there a maximum order as well?
Yes! I am not a full time baker, I have a day job OK! But my hours are flexible. So I can only take a maximum order of 100 cupcakes per day.

Do you do delivery?
Yes, I can deliver your order with minimal charges. Just drop me an email for final price. Alternatively, we can discuss on a convenient pick up point.

Where are your delivery areas?
I can send all around Penang Island & Seberang Perai, Kulim, Sg. Petani & Alor Setar.

How can I place an order with Liplickin'?
You can drop an email to me at raggedyanne79[at]gmail[dot]com. Alternatively, you can use the order form (coming soon)

How do I book the date?
After you're satisfied with the quoted price, you can make a 50% deposit to secure the date. I will include my CIMB account number in our email correspondence or by sms.

How far in advance should I place an order?
I need at least 3 days to get prepared, especially if the order consists of fresh fruits. But it is best if I get a week's notice from the delivery/pick up date.

What are you other terms and conditions?
The 50% deposit is non-refundable upon last minute cancellation.
Full payment must be made prior to pick up/delivery.
Full refund will be made if I have to make the cancellation.
Price is subject to change without prior notice.

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