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It has been a hectic few months for me, so forgive me for not updating much on this blog. Truth is, it's easier to make updates via Facebook and a lot of customers reach me through FB too. The picture albums there are more organized, so head over there for much easier viewing of my previous work, OK.

Now, I've never mentioned it here, but I can also provide special dietary cakes and cupcakes. So if you're in Penang and looking for something vegan (eggless & dairy-free) or gluten-free (no flour) or sugarless/sugar-free, do shoot me an email and we'll talk.

Deliveries to Penang Island and surrounding areas is still available, but due to rising costs, I'll have to increase the delivery charge. You would understand, right? The fuel, time, energy, not to mention, vehicle maintenance, and the worst of all, traffic jams - they can just zap you dry :)

Hugs & kisses to all my loyal customers. Love you guys lots!

Friday, October 16, 2009


As a child, one of the sweetest baking memory I had is with my father. You see, my Abah LOVES everything bananas, and is very fond of my Mom's banana cake. I remember that I always helped Mom in the kitchen to make this particular banana cake that Abah loves. So one day, Abah came home early from work and asked me whether we have some cake at home. Mom was still at work and Abah was really craving for the banana cake and couldn't wait for Mom to come home.

So what did we do? We made the cake all by ourselves! Now, I was still a kid at the time, probably around 10 and my Abah isn't the kind of dad who knows his ways around the kitchen. I couldn't remember the exact recipe so we just kinda winged it, haha. Threw in a bunch of bananas, flour, sugar, eggs and milk into the oven, and whaddya know? The cake came out even better than Mom's!

We had quite a laugh over this, and Mom is always so 'bengang' when we remind her that Abah makes a better banana cake, even if it's just for that one time! Of course, we could never replicate the recipe, but the memory of it remains :)

Here's my banana cupcake - also made with the same 'just wing it' attitude.

Kept the recipe pretty simple. But the frosting is cream cheese, moderately so. Just a tiny hint of cheese. Topped with caramelized banana.

Very soft texture & very much bananary. I'm sure that's not even an actual word, but I've heard it being used before. On AFC I think, that makes it legit :D


  1. YOur bananary post made me go bananarama all day long! " I heard a rumour, I heard a rumour..." Now must go find some bananas and buat pengat pisang.

  2. ehehe, i couldn't think of a better title actually. alamak, pengat pisang i tak reti buat, peknga (lempeng) pisang bolehlaaa

  3. i love everything bananas too. n cupcake tu nampak sedap sangat! bile la dapat rasa cupcakes kak anne ni??

  4. mmm looks yummy Anne...I love banana cakes and that little bit of caramelized banana topped it off! yes u can call me aunty zurin :))

  5. naja, haha, bila akak bukak franchise kat sana?

    aunty zurin :D your very first recipe for your blog is a banana cake righttt?

  6. it looks so classy beb.
    you just took bananas to 1 level up ;)
    cheese + bananas = yummy combo!


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